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  • Rusty and Cindy Stimmel

Illinois, White Crappie

White Crappie

August 2018

Illinois was a very frustrating state. We tried fishing several places. During August there is not much good bank fishing and float tube fishing in small lakes did not work well. Large lakes, where I will not float tube are better.

We started in a church camp on Cedar Lake. I could not shore fish and the lake was too rough for a float tube.

We then went to Weldon Springs Lake. Good current fishing reports. It was a good float tubing lake with many fishing docks. The fishing reports were not accurate. Rusty went fishing in the afternoon to find a place to fish where Cindy could get pictures. He tried for bass with using Clouser minnows and bass size poppers with no success. He did have a hit from a small sunfish on a bass popper. Changing to a smaller popper, he caught several bluegills and red ear sunfish on the small poppers mostly in the 4 to 6-inch range. Rusty went back out fishing with Cindy to take pictures and only caught a 4 inch bluegill in two hours of fishing. Our campsite was reserved for the weekend, so we needed to leave.

We went to an Army Corps of Engineers campground on Shelbyville Lake. The campground was nice. Shelbyville lake was too large and windy to float tube safely. The tail water below the dam was very fishable. Rusty fished several hours there trying to catch a Musky or Gar. He broke his 9-weight rod trying to sidearm cast and caching a bush on the back cast and bouncing off of a rock. There were reported to be lots of white crappie in the eddies below the dam. Rusty finally caught a white crappie on a woolly-bugger.