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  • Rusty and Cindy Stimmel

New Mexico: Gila Trout

We returned to New Mexico on April 4thfor another attempt at catching a Gila Trout. We decided to fish Mineral Creek near Glenwood, New Mexico.

We drove to the mineral creek trail-head and met a couple of nice hikers who had hiked the mineral creek trail earlier that day. They told us that the trail, stream and the area was beautiful. The stream crossed the trail many times and that there were no fish in the stream. We walked up the stream and Rusty started fishing in a nice hole where the trail crossed the creek. The first cast resulted in a fish hitting the fly, but the hook set was too late. The next cast resulted in a hook up on a fish of about 5 inches, a beautiful native Gila trout. The fish were caught used a #16 Griffiths Gnat, probably any small dry fly would have worked.

Rusty fished the slightly larger pool around a corner of the trail, where he could cast, but not see the fly. He caught several fish including the 7-inch Gila trout in the photograph. All were successfully released.

The equipment used included a 3 wt. Reddington Trout travel rod with a Reddington GD 3/4-reel, SA GPX weight forward line, a Moonlit featherweight furled leader and 6x tippet.