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  • Rusty and Cindy Stimmel

Rhode Island: Hickery Shad and Striper.

We went to Fisherman Memorial State Park near Galilee Rhode Island. We went to Galilee and Rusty talked to anther fisherman who sent us to Jerusalem to get some flies at a bait shop/marina. Rusty then fished from a breakwater in Galilee for a couple of hours and caught a 4 hickory shad and a striped bass on an “albi fly”. There are false albacore in the area, but no one caught any while we were there. The next day We returned to the breakwater at Galilee. Rusty saw a school of false albacore feeding on a school of bait fish, but they did not come close enough to catch. It was very cold and windy, and we went to the sheltered side of the to try to shop. The “year round” mall had one souvenir shop open. The owner told us that the fishing was good for hickory shad and possibly striped bass in the Narrow River just north of town. Rusty fished for almost two hours and caught about 15 hickory shad on an albi fly.

Hickery Shad

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