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  • Rusty and Cindy Stimmel

South Carolina, Largemouth Bass

We went to Aiken State Park in Wagener South Carolina in Late April of 2019.

Their website stated good fishing in 4 ponds. The ponds were smaller than I expected with ultra-clear water and spooky fish. There were a lot of fishers with many of them noisy children. I had to be very careful and fish only when and where there was no one else. Few people were catching fish. The most successful were some teen age boys who were catching frogs, hooking then then casting the frogs into the areas of the pond where bas could be seen. They then let the frog swim for as long as an hour till a bass took it.

I tried about 20 flies and finally caught this bass on a deer hair popper. I succeeded in catching several more bass and some bluegill sight fishing with deer hair poppers. The retrieve was very gentle twitches about 30 seconds apart. When the fish hit it was a gentle slurp. I could see the fish rising from the bottom slowly to take the fly.


Aiken State Park, Largemouth Bass

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